Team Building Activities – What’s the Point?

Team building activities can simply be a waste of time without a clear objective to focus on. It is essential for managers to know what they want to achieve from a team building activity. This may require a team analysis to see what is working, what isn’t, and what the team is lacking. If, for example, a team is lacking in communication skills, then there should be a team building activity implemented that focuses on communication.

The objective of the activity should be something the team can realistically achieve, appropriate for the team, and something that you wish to stress with the team even after the activity is finished. Managers should put some thought into the activity and know why it is being performed, and not just choose an activity for the sake of team building.

Once strategies for team building are implemented, it will be critical for management to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities. This may be accomplished by sitting in on meetings, interviewing individual team members, or evaluating the team’s effectiveness by measuring productivity. It is also important for the team to meet with management some time after the activity was performed to evaluate its effectiveness.

The team meeting following the activity is just as important as the team building activity in that it can forge further communication with team members. Discussing emotions can also help the team to realize individual team member’s perspective, which is often crucial to working together effectively.

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