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How many of your employees know what your organization's mission (reason for being) and key goals are, and how their job impacts these goals?
How many of your employees receive timely and constructive feedback on their job performance and results?
How many of your employees consistently go the "extra mile" in performing their jobs?
How many of your supervisors know their employees' professional development and career goals, and actively help their employees achieve them?
When making a change affecting employees' work, how often does leadership provide those employees clear, reliable communication about the change and get their feedback before, during and after the change is made?
How many of your employees have the resources (e.g., information, equipment, supplies, space, time, supervisory support) to perform their job as expected?
How many of your supervisors effectively motivate and inspire their employees to peak performance?
How many of your employees (leadership and staff) are held accountable for the results they achieve (e.g., are rewarded and/or recognized for meeting or exceeding expectations - or experience negative consequences for not meeting expectations).?
How many of your supervisors and managers have someone in-house with the knowledge and skills to cover for them if they unexpectedly had to take an extended leave?
How completely is your organization "tuned into" and responsive to changes in your customers' needs and expectations, trends and government regulations affecting your business industry?

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